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IN2EX – Innovation2Execution - applying new knowledge in the daily clinical practice is a task far beyond classical market access. New knowledge and new techniques are the fundament of a high quality care of diseases, but the uptake of new health care technologies in daily clinical work of is often very slow. However, the progress in implementation research supplements the approaches to how to secure high quality of care far beyond a classical marketing approach.

A drug is not simply a drug and a medical device is not just a device – especially when they offer new possibilities for better care of patients. New healthcare technologies will be used by patients, but will often depend on societal support in covering costs. The marketing of drugs and medical technologies should be supplemented by activities securing a synergy between the need of patients, the health care system and the company of- fering new therapies.


Medical marketing used in the right way can pave the road for setting quality of care on the health care agenda – and the pharmaceutical companies have had a major impact on setting the health care agenda, this had lead to the society rationing expensive new therapies IN2EX methodology will ensures a patient/health care provider view. This will help you to persue the best use of your technology in the introduction of new therapies. We provide you with an analysis of present situation, a perspective for what could be achieved, and a way forward.


We have access and relations to scandinavian academic experts in several therapeutic areas.

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